With over 50 years of experience, Structural Erectors is a family-operated construction company. That means we take pride in what we do and we work hard. Our specialty is erecting engineered wood products in the mid-west area. Whether it’s for their beauty or trustworthy fabrication, engineered wood products are ideal for many commercial and residential projects.

Structural Erectors are in the business because we believe in the craft of construction. We understand it’s your home, your church or your restaurant and we want you to be proud. With our innovative skills and quality craftsmanship the job will be done right or we will make it right. We understand your need for success.

Our years in the construction business have made many long-lasting relationships. We’ve built homes, businesses and renovated the neighborhood hot spot. We’ve built high profile restaurants and driven 500 miles to build churches. Structural Erectors have completed projects of all sizes and complexities both close to home and far away. Nothing gives us more pride than building a community with a project well done.


Columbus Zoo Barn

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s 19th-century barn would have been torn down, its wood tossed into a scrap pile and its history forgotten if not for Structural Erectors and the fact that Delaware County’s Gallant Farm Preserve needed a barn.

Moerlein Lager House

Sitting next to the Ohio River, the Moerlein Lager House showcases not only brilliant waterfront views, but a magnificent combination of modern architecture and heavy timber construction. 

Powell, Ohio Home

The client sought a solution that would provide high quality craftsmanship evoking the feeling of being in a place of worship. The highest of quality finishes were used and special attention was paid to the exterior cladding. 


Extremely happy with my remodel!!  Great team of guys to work with along with quality workmanship that you can't find anymore.  Highly recommended.